Without a doubt, underwear is the sexiest and most important detail of a woman’s wardrobe. In an elegant set of underwear, we feel confident and desired. And literally we shine from within, charging everyone around with positive energy.

     Needless to say, there is no more true method of seduction than delicate underwear. Perhaps no man can resist such a powerful weapon. 

    Therefore, designers of underwear brands from season to season seek to please the beautiful half of humanity with new colors and experiments with form and style solutions. And the coming season is not an exception. Underlined the femininity of the forms, the grace of the lines, the gentle nude and many other fascinating innovations are in trend this fall.

5 main trends of underwear

1. Corsets

    Agree, no one thing emphasizes so feminine figure, placing emphasis in the right places, like a corset. This applies to the usual decorative corset without inserts, and to the traditional models correcting the figure, in the manufacture of which a whale is used. At the same time, there is nothing more seductive than an unconventional set of underwear, covering a little more than usual, because immediately the imagination is activated!

    It’s no wonder that the most devoted fans of this wardrobe detail have always been male designers, for example, the Fashion House of Roberto Cavalli under the guidance of the couturier himself from season to season bets on corsetry and animal prints, creating incredibly sexy underwear lines. Cavalli often confessed that the corset of animalistic coloring for him is the embodiment of femininity. Roberto’s opinion is shared by the creative tandem Dolce & Gabbana, which produces with an enviable regularity feminine collections of underwear, where corsets are also important.

2. Retro

    On the principle of “new – well forgotten old”, designers brought to the podium models dressed in panties with an overstated waist and bras without cups. In this season, the emphasis on the revival of the 1950s, as if agreed, made many underwear brands.

    It is impossible not to note all the advantages of an overstated waist on your underwear. Firstly, such underwear perfectly corrects the figure, visually removes the flaws and emphasizes the advantages, and secondly, panties with an inflated waist (especially seamless and slightly tightening) help to avoid bulges and unevenness on the dresses. And the third, perhaps, the most weighty argument – such models, especially lace, look incredibly sexy, and this is recognized by a huge number of men.

3. Lace

    Lace in the world of underwear – an eternal classic and a win-win option that will make any woman charming and desirable. The main thing is to choose the right color. Given that the cold season is approaching, the designers decided to bet on the most important autumn shades – indigo, lavender, muted dark red, cocoa, shimmering gray, mustard, dark emerald, gently lilac, dark crimson and cobalt shade of blue.

    Going shopping in search of an elegant lace kit, pay attention to these shades, because they will dominate the boutiques and lingerie stores in the coming season. But the form in this case is absolutely not important, this fall lace underwear in any performance can be called a 100% guarantee of a good choice!

4. Sports

    A set of lingerie in a sporty style is an unequivocal must-have of the upcoming season. And do not be confused by the seeming simplicity of sports models – in the light of the global fashion boom for a healthy lifestyle, sports style today is also considered sexual. The most loyal fans of sports chic in the world of underwear can be called the fashion houses Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, as well as numerous sports brands that regularly produce underwear lines.

    The main difference between the sports style and the classics is in the shape of a bra. If in the standard set of underwear the main emphasis is on the underlining of the forms, then for sportswear the main ones are convenience and anatomy, which provide maximum comfort in everyday wear. Unlike classic models, underwear in the sport style is characterized by the use of exclusively natural breathable materials that are hypoallergenic and hygroscopic.


    Under this name is hidden a thin, delicate, almost imperceptible skin color, made of natural fabrics, which looks on the body almost like a second skin. A large number of designers from leading world fashion houses made this season a bet on simplicity, conciseness and comfort – these things made the nude style a synonym for natural beauty.

Absolute favorites in this style can be called seamless panties, cotton body and unremarkable smooth bras of light shades. Simply these things are absolutely irreplaceable, incredibly functional and convenient, that’s why they are present in almost every woman’s wardrobe. Lingerie in the style of nude can be found in any underwear store, but the fact is that it is not so easy to choose, such as a lace bra. After all, it’s linen for every day and it should be done taking into account a lot of nuances: slightly adjust the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity, be completely invisible under any clothing, and most importantly – be inconspicuous and not constraining the movements.

    Choosing underwear in this season, remember that the main thing – not fashion, but your own feelings. Feel confident, desired and loved with a new set of underwear, and a great mood is guaranteed to you, no matter what the weather is outside the window!

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